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El invierno en la ciudad de México no es tan frío como en otras partes , pero eso no lo hace más sencillo. Por eso junto con Old Navy armé 4 looks versátiles que puedes usar para diferentes ocasiones. El segundo es mi favorito, y el de ustedes? No olviden suscribirse a mi canal para que puedan ver todos los videos ūüėÄ

Winter in Mexico city is not as cold as in other places, in fact, in can change radically from morning to afternoon. With the above mentioned, styling winter outfits is not necessarily easier and knowing how to layer is key.

In collaboration with Old Navy, I pulled off 4 casual winter looks that are versatile enough to keep up with the crazy weather. Follow along to see my tips on how to add or change details to make it cold proof.

Winter Look 1 – Sunday brunch

Combat boots paired with a denim skirt and a sweatshirt. I would normally add a statement coat (maybe with a vibrant color or pattern) for fresh mornings and if the day doesn’t look weather promising I would also add black tights. Uniqlo has a heated version that is thin yet very comfortable. 

Winter Look 2 – Cozy & chic 

You’ll turn heads in an instant by tossing vibrant colors and textures over your all-black outfit. A Metallic puffer jacket paired with red patent leather booties is a win look. Simple yet impactful. 

Winter Look 3 – Night out 

There’s something about ponchos that can make quite a statement with minimal effort just by tossing it over a LBD. Choose a thick material like cashmere or wool for an extra warm winter ensemble and add eye-catching knee-high boots to complete the vibe.

Winter Look 4 – Running errands 

Even with darker colors like purple and deep blue you can mix and match textures and prints for a directional look. Blue pants add the playful part while the embellished loafers adds that touch of sophistication. 

Loved all the looks but the last one is my favorite. Leave in the comments which one is your favorite ūüėÄ

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